Sports Injuries

Overuse, misalignment, and accidents are the main contributors to athletic-related chiropractic care. If you are an athlete experiencing pulled muscles, lower-back pain, joint pain, or other discomforts, it is likely that your injuries are sport related. Our holistic chiropractic care services can be utilized to alleviate most types of discomfort brought on by athletics. Our specialists will work with you to reduce joint inflammation and improve your overall mobility so that you can get back to playing the sports that you love. Call our specialists today for a phone consultation, or to schedule an appointment for sports-related chiropractic services in Tracy, CA.

  • How many sessions are required?
  • Can you treat all sports-related injuries?
  • What type of clothing should I wear to my appointment?

      Wear something comfortable and loose fitting. If necessary, you may be asked to change into an examination gown for a more accurate assessment.