Biofeedback is exactly what it sounds like- informative feedback on the biology of your body. Wellness Chiropractic Center and Brain Training offers a wide variety of biofeedback methods to receive information about your body. Ideally, these methods will help an individual learn how to understand and control various systems of their person. Our advanced equipment receives biofeedback on functions, such as heart rate, breathing, brain waves, temperature, muscle contraction, gland activity, and more. Our technicians are all licenced and well-practiced, so you can be sure you are receiving quality treatment with respected professionals every time you visit us. Let us tell you more about your body by offering our modern biofeedback techniques and services. Call today with questions, or if you are interested in trying biofeedback as a wellness practice.

Biofeedback is a process that includes:

1. Observing brainwave activity and functions, and giving information related to why and how you may struggle with certain issues.

2. Creating a training and learning program to assess underlying neurophysiological factors that may cause symptoms or hinder development.

3. Using rewards, such as music, games, and imaging to improve or change brainwave patterns

4. Helping you improve using cognitive tools and feedback

  • How can Biofeedback help me?
  • What Conditions are Trained by Biofeedback?
  • Biofeedback Can help:
      • -Teach Muscles to Tense or Relax
      • -Improve Focus & Concentration
      • -Reduce Stress
      • -Ease Emotional Issues